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We have 15 years experiences  providing Injection Molds and Fixtures for the North American market in Automotive ,automotive accessories,office equipments , telecommunication , home appliances , medical utensils,industry product sand Consumer plastic markets.As the market requirements changed we can offer mold flow ,Design and components for the tools (Silide,Lifter and standard components) to support our clients doing the Engineering Changed and help in being globally competitive. Our people will provide the complete program managment and support from concept design to final product for to your door service and support.

● In-depth evaluation of your part designs to avoid problems
● Latest in Moldflow and Solid model designs to assure the best results
● Expert mold design to North American Standards using certified steel P20, 420SS,H13 and Beryllium cores
● Weekly progress reports and pictures along with video molds trials keep you in touch

Our interest is to provide quality molds and components  that cycles well in production and allows your company to compete in today's market, while minimizing the risks. We look forward to an opportunity to provide support and pricing on your next molds project.

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