The long journey begins with the first step. Quality mold construction begins with a sound design. At YHC we strive to design the molds that are robust in nature with focus on minimizing cycle time and require minimal maintenance.

We utilize over 10 full time mold engineers who are professional in designing injection molds with various standards. All molds design are completed in both 2D and 3D design with a full 3D design being supplied with every mold. All of the mold designs are reviewed by our experienced technical team and project manager prior to submitting to our customer for approval.

Our design process is supplemented by the most advanced moldflow software enabling reduced engineering time further supporting the feasibility of design.

In order to meet and exceed the customer expectations, we continually strive to improve and enrich our services by introducing fresh approaches and innovative ideas. YHC is able to keep the products in both integrity and accuracy sufficiently by using CAD/CAE/CAM technology. We blend the skills and experiences from our team complemented with advanced technology to increase our agility to allow us to be able to quickly respond the ongoing marketing changes and meet our customer's needs.

Project Management Procedure

Project Management Procedure Project Management Procedure


All tools are built to the customer standards and specifications. Our rigorous mold testing includes a complete 1st article inspection report per customer supplied part drawing. Upon the completion of sampling and part approval, each tool goes through a 100% final inspection before delivery. Also available are CMM reports with fixture.


Testing And Measurement Capabilities

● Testing Partner with 40 injection machines,20 min drive from YHC

● From 80T to 3300T tryout machine and sampling

● RJG, DOE molding parameter setup

● Molding parameter documentation

● Mold test video

● 750T tryout capacity in-house

Testing And Measurement Capabilities Testing And Measurement Capabilities Testing And Measurement Capabilities
Your Projects

Stay up-to-date on your projects with online:

Job Progress Reports

Quote Data

Design files

Door sevice and support if you need

Processing Sheets

Trial Reports

Shipping - Tracking, Bill of Lading, ETA

CMM reports

Quotes - New Client

Quotes - New Client

Please provide us with:

Type - Injection, Gauge/Fixture

Construction Steel (P20, H13, Cast)

Surface finish

Part Resin

Parts needed over lifetime

3D Data if available (30Mb max zip). We provide an online file management application.

Project timing


Research your project needs

Research the following:

Part design for molds

Mold steels stats

Surface finish selection

Resin, gating information

Process troubleshooting

Shipping - Tracking, Bill of Lading, ETA

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Main Partners

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